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Nugens CamSwitcherPro Windows Os
Compatible with all Nugens cameras
Nugens CamSwitcherPro Mac Os
Compatible with all Nugens cameras

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+ PCs

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Nugens Cube Mini-PC User's Manual (Chinese/English)
Nugens NC-464-24 HDMI Mini-PC Stick User's Manual
Nugens Mini-PC User's Manual
Nugens ND-A24P-24 24" Intel i5 All-in-One PC User's Manual
Nugens ND-A24P 24" Intel i5 All-in-One PC User's Manual (Chinese/English)
Nugens ND-24E 24 LED Display Monitor User's Manual
Nugens ND-24T 24 LED Touch Screen Monitor
Nugens NW-200TR-C Type-C to HDMI Wireless Extender User's Manual
Nugens NW-200TR HDMI Wireless Extender User's Manual
Nugens NW-200TR HDMI Wireless Extender User's Manual 2023
Smartscheduler 55” Standee Quick Installation Guide

+ Cameras

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Nugens VCM200 2022 User's Manual
Nugens VCM200 User's Manual
Nugens VC300 User's Manual
Nugens VCA600 User's Manual
Nugens VCP1 User's Manual
Nugens VCM1000 User's Manual
Nugens VCM3X User's Manual
Nugens VCM20B User's Manual (Chinese/English)
Nugens VCM20A User's Manual (Chinese/English)
Nugens V500 Visualizer Manual

+ Speakerphones

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Nugens VX100 User's Manual
Nugens VX100 PLUS User's Manual
Nugens VX200 User's Manual
Nugens VX200 PLUS User's Manual
Nugens VX300 User's Manual

+ Accessories

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Nugens Orbit 360° AI Tracking Mount Holder User's Manual
Nugens SL-B1 Wireless Charging Stylus for iPad User's Manual
Nugens SL-B2 iPad Magnetic Type-C Dual-Mode Charging Stylus User's Manual
Nugens SL-C2 Capacitive Magnetic Stylus for iPad User's Manual
Nugens 13-in-1 USB-C Multimedia Hub User's Manual
Nugens MK-N1 NuRemote AirMouse2 User's Manual (Chinese/English)
Nugens MK-618C User's Manual
Nugens MK-B100-V2 User's Manual
Nugens MK-B100 User's Manual

+ Technology Lifestyle

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Nugens 30-Port USB Smart Charger Station English Manual
Nugens UVC-100 Dual-Mode UVC Transformer Sterilizer English Manual
Nugens NuTag AirBox Item Tracker English Manual

+ Software

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Smart Scheduler Digital Signage Quick Start Guide
Nugens CamSwitcherPro User's Manual
Nugens Visualizer Software User's Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of Nugens products. To ensure a satisfactory service, Nugens Technology promises to implement the following after-sales services. Please read below terms and limitations to retain Warranty Plan described in this document.

1-year Basic Warranty Protection

1. Nugens promises warranty protection, material and structure perfection started from the delivery date within 1 year. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident and intention. Warranty exceeds 1-year Limitation is subject to charging additional cost by Nugens Technology.

2. Within a 1-year Warranty Protection, Nugens has the right to require returning products and handling time after receiving returns.

3. Warranty protection covers machine and its major parts; does not apply to peripherals which include USB cable, HDMI cable and VGA cable.

4. Please keep the original Nugens product box. While returning products, please pack with original Nugens product box and apply shock and wet resistance in the shipping process.

5. Nugens is authorized to remove warranty protection from the product damaged in the shipping process.

6. Customers are subject to paying a shipping fee for returning the product. Nugens will be responsible for repairing, cost and return to customers after products are confirmed to fall under repair policy and judgement.

7. Warranty protection does not contain all sorts of damage circumstances. If your circumstances are not protected by Nugens warranty policy, Nugens will inform customers; customers will need to decide whether to proceed with repairing or retreating.

8. Please reply to Nugens within 7 days after Nugens has sent the repair quotation. After 7 days, Nugens will return the goods in unrepaired condition.

9. After 30 days of notice is taken from Nugens to the customer, Nugens will not be held responsible for the storage of the uncollected goods if the customer refuses to take back the goods or refuses to receive goods from the courier. Nugens shall have the right to dispose of the repaired or unrepaired goods and use the proceeds to offset the repair and storage costs.

10. After repairs are complete, Nugens is authorized to manage the shipping process.

11. After receiving products, please test them immediately. If there is spotted damage, you are authorized not to pick up from forwarder, please contact us immediately if you find damages right after you receives products. Nugens is authorized to reject your objection if there is a delay in reporting damages.

12. If the returned product is discontinued or unable for repair, Nugens is authorized to find a substitute or alternative for customers with their mutual consent.


Below information is excluded from warranty protection

1. Warranty protection label removed or unidentifiable.

2. Operation and care do not correspondent with the instruction described in the user manual.

3. Third-party repairing, upgrading, re-assembling, and dismantling of Nugens machine.

4. Unpredictable accidents or disasters causing damage to Nugens products.

5. Intend action to damage Nugens products caused by human or living creatures.


For any inquiry, please contact

Nugens should have the final say when it comes to debating and interpretation within this document.

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